Catalyze expertise in climate and water between three sectors: economic and financial risk analysis, engineering and operations management, and eco-hydrological science to create a new adaptation landscape.

Changes in treaties and institutional policies are important, but effective and real change must occur in actual places to have credibility. AGWA works with organizations, researchers, and governments to Act on the ground.

Promote the best practices that can make climate adaptation a functional reality by collecting the best-available knowledge and cases from across institutions and regions.

Climate change is about water. Climate adaptation is about managing water more effectively.

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Founded in September 2010, the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation is a group of regional and global development banks, aid agencies and governments, and a diverse set of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on managing water resources in a sustainable way even as climate change alters the global hydrological cycle. We believe that water is a cross-cutting theme that provides coherence to climate change adaptation and mitigation, integrating energy, water, food production and agriculture, and ecosystems and the environment. AGWA is focused on how to help experts, decision makers, and institutions in the water community work more effectively. We want to work with you, through and across our network.

AGWA directly supports governments, multilaterals, corporations, and NGOs. Please let us know if we might be able to arbitrate, provide expert support, or convene multiple parties on water-related climate change issues.

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